Placement options.

hands-on-handsTake some time to see just what we are doing now to move forward with locating the right families for the right children.  Our children and families have specific desires and situations that require delicate placements.  At Country Cottage Foster Care we take these needs to heart when we choose the family that will support the new foster child.

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Here comes “Country Cottage Foster Care”


Families, Building Families, one child at a time.

Thank you for your interest in the Country Cottage Foster Care program.  We are committed to provide you with the most amazing and unique opportunity to keep up to date with our ever improving system.  Country Cottage Foster Care is not only willing but, dedicated to quality foster care.  No other foster care facility in southern Utah can provide you with the same level of strength and passion. We provide this for everyone of our children, parents and workers. As you  take the time to go through our new site and find for yourself, that no other facility can provide what we are committed to offer.  I think you will find that no matter what you may have heard about foster care in the past, Country Cottage Foster Care has made a commitment to quality care that no other organization can.  Now, as you look through our site and determine for your self that Country Cottage Foster Care is the best organization to fulfill your concerns and passion for the children in our community.

We have invested considerable time to hand pick our foster families to provide you the ultimate placement options that exist in Southern Utah.  These carefully selected families are screened to determine there ability and dedication to provide for the well-being and care of the foster children to be placed in their homes.  Our families are committed to nurturing qualities of love, strength and empathy, many of the life skills these children have lacked since birth. If, for any reason, after reading through this information you find that you would like to call us to request more information or to even schedule a time to discuss our solutions for you, call us at 435-673-2211 or email us as  We are willing to take a close look at your unique situation and assist you in clarifying the appropriate course of action to take moving forward with us.  Give us a chance to show you just what foster care should be when you choose us to be your foster care provider.

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