mom-daughterFrequently Asked Questions:

Are there advantages of becoming a foster parent?

Yes! You will be encouraged to utilize your natural skills, with passion in doing something absolutely worthwhile. To many, that is a big advantage, to be able to make a difference in a child’s life, and become a recipient of many benefits. One of the benefits that individuals seem to hold in high regard is the ongoing parent training that is provided. The training offers benefits to parents and families that help their own family as well as the foster child they have.

Is there monetary compensation for providing foster care?

Yes! This is another benefit for providing foster care.

How much is the monetary compensation for providing foster care?

Foster care compensation is $28 a day for each child that foster care services are provided for.

Is the monetary compensation for providing foster care considered tax free income?


How long does a foster child live with a foster family?family

In most cases this depends on the child, and the situation. Most often, the average length of time is around 1-2 years. However, it can be as short as 3-6 months, while at other times it can be longer than 2 years.

Are there options of leaving my foster child with someone else if I can’t temporarily be with them?

Yes! Many times if a foster family decides to have another foster family within the agency provide respite care for their foster child on a temporary basis, this can be done. Respite care may also be known as temporary relief care. In such cases, the foster family providing respite care will be compensated for providing temporary care.

What is the age range of a child I can expect?

The ages that our agency works with ranges from 8-18 years old. The typical age of most foster children ranges from 11-15 years old.

Can I choose what gender, age, and issues of a child I will accept?

Yes! Although the more specific you are with what you will accept, may give you a slim choice that may cause a longer time to wait to provide service.

hands-joinedIs it an advantage to foster more than one child at a time?

At times it can be an advantage to have more than one child at a time, while at rare times it may be beneficial to have a single child. Often, it seems to be advantageous for having more than one child at a time because historically kids have shown to settle into a home faster when accompanied by another who is adjusting to similar changes as well.

How many children can a foster parent provide care for at a time?

Depending upon the issues of a child, if there is adequate living space, then the maximum number of children that can be fostered within a single home can be up to three.  A home licensed as a group home can have more than 3 children allowed to receive care.