Become a Foster Parent

hands-joinedWhat does it take to become a foster care provider?

A big heart and open arms to extend the love that every child deserves to experience.  At Country Cottage Foster Care we believe every child gets to have a loving and supportive family environment, the kind of environment we strive to provide in each of our foster families.  We locate families, building families for the foster care we provide. We insure that our foster care providers are committed to just this.

Our families, like Country Cottage Foster Care, are committed to the children who trust us with their well-being.  Our staff will take the time to listen to your questions and operate with the highest regard to provide you with a level of care that eliminates any concerns.  We listen with an open heart and open arms, willing and able, and are happy to invest the time to really talk to you about the advantages you get when you work with us.  So take some time now,  look over our frequently asked questions, see for yourself why so many families choose the Country Cottage Foster Care way.