Country Cottage Foster Care St. George Utah

Welcome to Country Cottage Foster Care.  We are a Charitable Non-Profit 501(c)(3) Organization, committed to strengthening Utah through strengthening families using various programs and services.

We are involved in providing community based services as a Foster Care agency within the Southern Utah area for over a decade.  We are currently in need of caring individuals who desire to become a foster care parent, or those who wish to DONATE to the cause of helping the youth in our care succeed.

Country Cottage Foster Care Services

Country Cottage Foster Care incorporates a variety of programs and services catered to help youth who are in crisis because of their own doing or those that come from hostile home settings.  Along with Foster Care, we also provide several other community based family enhancing services.

Our main goal is to offer quality services with a consistent focus on the care of the youth in our care, so the well being of every individual involved is met with the highest level of concern, and compassion, with absolute integrity.  Every person involved with Country Cottage Inc not only joins a great organization;but becomes part of the Country Cottage Family.

Become A Part Of Our Country Cottage Foster Care Family!

We invite you to come be a part of our Family and make a difference.  If you have room in your heart and space in your home and if you feel that you may be willing and able to provide a home for one or more foster youth, please CONTACT US and we will assist you in getting started with Country Cottage Foster Care!

How Country Cottage Foster Care gets it done…

Country Cottage is a Charitable Non-profit organization. We are devoted to helping youth find a wholesome environment for them to thrive in while becoming productive & caring citizens. Too often youth are caught in a cycle of rebellion against societal rules or are in a family setting that is not helpful to their personal growth. Country Cottage Foster care provides professional parents and safe home environments to these youth that are in crisis.

Our primary focus is to ensure that any dysfunctional upbringing for the youth in our care does not perpetuate. We understand that many youth in our communities need a break from their peers and even from their families. The youth in our care will learn skills necessary to return to the community as productive citizens. The families will work with the Country Cottage Clinical Team in determining what they need to accomplish prior to the youth returning to their care. We believe that the future belongs to these youth. In fact, they are our future. We believe every young person in foster care, has the ability to achieve the heights of those foster children before them, such as: Alonzo Mourning (NBA Superstar), Eddie Murphy (Actor and Comedian), Babe Ruth (Baseball Legend), Tom Monaghan (Founder of Domino’s Pizza), Duante Culpepper (NFL Quarterback), Charlotte Ayanna (Miss Teen USA 1993), and Dr. Ruth Westheimer (Psychologist and Author).

Our Mission…mentor

The mission of Country Cottage is two-fold: to raise public awareness about the need for proctor/foster and adoptive families for youth in custody of the state of Utah; and to recruit and retain foster and adoptive families and connect them with youth in need. If you have room in your heart and space in your home please be a foster parent. For more info click here

Our Staff

We believe the philosophy of our organization, and the quality of the services we provide is directly connected to the caliber & passion of our personnel and staff.

Clinical Director Matt Eschler, MFT, PC Info coming soon

Administrative Director Wendy Paxman Info coming soon